5.103 Trade Secrets and NDAs

This course examines trade secret law and non-disclosure agreements in detail. Trade secret law helps protect your innovations cheaply and efficiently, but has severe limitations. NDAs are among the most common and important forms of contracts that most startups will sign. What can be protected as a trade secret? What are common pitfalls about relying upon trade secrets? What does trade secret litigation involve? Can I enforce trade secret claims against my ex-employees? Why have NDAs? Are certain types of NDAs important for different kinds of transactions? What is a typical definition of confidentiality? What are other common terms? What are some common disputes in negotiating NDAs? Are there any pitfalls startup companies should avoid in NDAs? What clauses should a company insert in an NDA for a potential M&A? The course reviews actual NDA terms in detail. (Course released March 16, 2021)

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