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Frequently Asked Questions

Not at all. Anyone can be an entrepreneur, even if the problem to be solved is local, non-profit, or non-technical. The courses are designed to take anyone from the basics through mastery. Many programs are suitable for even middle school and high school audiences. The programs are also aimed at current and aspiring investors in entrepreneurial companies.

The courses are created as part of a systemic training in a sequence, but you can watch courses in any order you wish. Often courses will make more sense when you are in the middle of the issue addressed, so also go back and rewatch as you build your venture! However, in the beginning you can only watch in the order the courses are released. 

No and yes. I will have a release schedule of approximately a course a week, with some breaks and special content interspersed here and there. I think you find value in doing the courses in that cadence and participating in the group discussions as they develop, so I suggest you do not wait to sign up later so you can binge watch.

I do offer reduced prices for annual Gold Memberships. If you are a student, under 24 years old, or teacher, I will offer reduced pricing. I also offer reduced pricing if signing up creates an undue economic burden for you. The full policy and application process is described here.

Please contact me for group price reductions for your organization. I am most interested in giving discounts to organizations that serve historically underrepresented groups and geographic regions in the entrepreneurial community, but open to any rational discussion on the topic. 

Of course. If you refer a friend, I will extend each of your Memberships an extra month once the signup happens. There is a way to invite from your drop down menu once you log in, or you can drop me an email noting the referral.

If you honestly do not see the value in being a Member and let me know within the first 30 days after you have watched a few courses and events, I will of course issue a refund. You do not have to, but I would ask you to provide me any feedback on what would have made the site better for you, as I take any loss of a someone from the site as a challenge to improve it. I really do want every member of the community to receive enormous value. 

Please reach out to me first and ask. I always want to make anything reasonable and fair work. I also start with the premise that unauthorized uses should be dealt with seriously. So please do ask. Or at least read the condensed IP litigation section of my biography before you pirate so you have been warned.

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