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Do you dream of creating your own company or product, or of solving a problem you know you can solve? Innovative entrepreneurship unleashes creativity, creates wealth, and provides opportunities for anyone with the audacity to dream, create, and execute. Join us now to learn how to turn your startup idea into a reality.


Our courses guide you strategically step by step from the creation of a startup through exit. Each program contains dozens of practical tips, drawn from real life stories experienced by actual entrepreneurs like you.


We have created a powerful community of innovators, investors, and entrepreneurs to help you achieve your dreams. Members can discuss, share ideas, seek mentoring and opportunities, and study and learn together.


In addition to over a hundred hours of programs just from The Essentials, Members will have access to additional content, like virtual office hours, monthly webinars, downloads, interviews, and special bonus events.

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We divide our courses into
Essentials and Master Classes in nine areas:
Creating Innovation | Protecting Innovation | Creating Companies | Financing Innovation | Legal | Talent and Operations | Sales and Marketing | Realizing Value | Surviving Distress

*Courses subject to change

The essentials

Complete Startup Package

The courses below are accessible to both aspiring and seasoned entrepreneurs and investors. The classes are meant to form a comprehensive curriculum based upon fundamentals, strategic thinking, and real world examples.

Unlimited access to all our Essentials and Master Classes

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Accordion Content

1. Creating Innovation
1.101: Secrets of Innovative Companies
1.102: Designing a Business and Product

2. Protecting Innovation
2.101: Intellectual Property for Innovators
2.102: Driving Innovation Through IP Strategy

3. Creating Companies
3.101: Set Up Step By Step 
3.102: Best Compliance Practices
3.103: Stock and Founders

4. Financing Innovation
4.101: Preparing for Fundraising
4.102: Angels and Early Investors
4.103: Venture Capital Basics
4.104: Venture Capital Term Sheets
4.105: Navigating Cap Tables
4.105: Alternatives to Venture Capital
4.106: Navigating the Process
4.107: Creative Fundraising 
4.107: Renegotiating Bad Deals 
4.108: Accelerators and Incubators

5. Legal
5.101: Legal Survival for Business People
5.111: Common HR Issues
5.121: Basics of Global Business

6. Talent, Finance, and Operations
6.101: Managing Talent
6.111: Common Finance Mistakes
6.112: Dashboards and Measurement

7. Sales and Marketing
7.101: Sales and Marketing Traction

8. Realizing Value
8.101: Guerrilla Strategies for M&A
8.102: IPOs
8.103: Other Ways to Cash Out

9. Surviving Distress
9.101 Pivots and Turnarounds
9.102: Surviving and Thriving in Bad Times

Master classes

Coming Soon

Beginning later in 2020, we will begin releasing Master Classes in these and other areas to go into greater depth on the topics most important to innovators, investors, and entrepreneurs.

Unlimited access to all our Essentials and Master Classes

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Accordion Content

1. Creating Innovation
1.201: Thinking Creatively
2.202: Lean Startup Methodology
2.203: Product Management
2.204: Pivots and Restarts

2. Protecting Innovation
2.201: Trademarks
2.202: Brand Strategy
2.203: Patents
2.204: Trade Secrets
2.205: Managing a Strategic IP Program
2.206: Making Money from an IP Portfolio
2.207: Open Source Issues
2.208: Patent Litigation Strategies
2.209: Spin-ins and Spin-outs

3. Creating Companies
3.201 Advanced Entity Choice
3.202 Choice of Jurisdiction
3.203: Corporate Governance
3.204: Negotiating Founder Agreements

4. Financing Innovation
4.201: Reading a Term Sheet
4.202: Convertible Notes and SAFEs
4.203: Creating Cap Tables
4.204: Advanced Cap Tables
4.205: Negotiating Financing Documents
4.206: Restructuring Bad Deals
4.207: Down Rounds and Recaps
4.208: Surviving Diligence
4.209: Strategic Investors
4.210: Venture Debt
4.211: Holding Companies

5. Legal
5.201: NDAs
5.202: Contracts
5.203: Licenses
5.204: Litigation 
5.205: Creative Dealmaking
5.206: University and Government Licensing
5.211: Avoiding Discrimination
5.212: Sexual Harassment
5.213: Common Labor Violations
5.221: Global Tax Planning
5.222: Joint Ventures
5.223: Special Issues for China

6. Talent, Finance, and Operations
6.201: Compensation Strategies
6.211: Reporting and Systems

7. Sales and Marketing
7.201: Pricing
7.202: Analyzing Sales and Marketing
7.203: Sales Compensation

8. Realizing Value
8.201: M&A Term Sheets
8.202: Advanced M&A Process
8.203: Negotiating M&A Documents
8.202: Preparing for an IPO

9. Surviving Distress
9.201: Analyzing Pivots
9.202: Advanced Turnarounds
9.203: Renegotiating Deals
9.204: Restructures and Recaps
9.205: Surviving in Bad Times
9.206: Feasting in Bad Times

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More Than Just Classes

We have created a powerful set of social tools to help innovators, investors, and entrepreneurs share, collaborate, and learn together, helping all to achieve real growth and change.

The Atrium

Steve Jobs designed the Pixar headquarters so everyone had to go through the central Atrium. This deliberately forced diverse interactions, thereby enhancing the creativity of all. Our Members-only Atrium contains the central news feed, calendar of events, and other information.

Communication & Collaboration

Detailed profiles and forums encourage Members to share and work together on homework and projects. Members can create and follow friends, message each other directly, form collaborative working groups, and find mentors.


We have created a variety of forums to focus open and collaborative discussions among our Members. Forums include opportunities to network and provide feedback, to ask questions about past and future courses, to share events of community interest, and to share successes. 


Members will have access to additional content, such as virtual office hours, monthly webinars, downloads, interviews, and special bonus events. Members also have access to shared content created by others in the community.

Our story

Learn Insider Secrets From Decades of Experience

David Frazee has helped innovators throughout the world, including in emerging countries, create billions of dollars of revenue and transform economies. Now, more than ever, we need to unleash the talent of every person who can dream, create, and execute to transform our world. 

David is one of the world’s leading experts on entrepreneurship and a Managing Partner of Richmond Global Ventures, a leading international venture capital fund. As a Silicon Valley based high technology strategist, entrepreneur, and attorney, David has spent his career working with innovative technology companies, entrepreneurs, and funds, helping them to succeed through the creation and execution of comprehensive international corporate, business, and intellectual property strategies.

In addition to having represented over 400 startups and venture funds in hundreds of cross-border transactions, David has a real-world operational understanding of the unique business problems of emerging growth companies, having served as an executive of two technology start-ups — one of which he helped lead through a US$128 million investment by GE, NBC, and their affiliates and subsequent IPO before it was acquired by Hughes/DirecTV. 

In additional to work throughout the United States and other development countries, David works extensively with Endeavor Global as a Global Mentor and was a founding Board member of Endeavor Catalyst. David has advised companies and funds in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Mexico, South Africa, China, Taiwan, Poland, Jordan, Colombia, Egypt, Russia, India, Belize, Turkey, and Vietnam. He has also advised the governments of China, Taiwan, Jordan, Poland, Uruguay, Brazil, and Chile on innovation policy and emerging growth strategies.

David has appeared in many publications discussing innovation and business strategy, including Fortune, The Financial Times, The Red Herring, and The Wall Street Transcript. He is a frequent speaker, including at the Fortune Global Forum in Beijing and the Financial Times Innovation Summit in London. Mr. Frazee was named by Law & Politics and San Francisco magazines as a “Northern California Rising Star.” David has a J.D. from the University of Michigan, cum laude, and an A.B. from Stanford University, with honors and with distinction, where he taught in the Computer Science Department. David also studied at the Freie Universität Berlin and knows good döner kebab places.

David has cashed at many poker tournaments, including the World Series of Poker Main Event, was one of the youngest nationally ranked soccer referees in the United States, captained his son’s chess team to a state championship (but is a decidedly average player himself), captained the national and world championship university quiz team (the latter broadcast on BBC2-TV), won on Jeopardy!, and appeared on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire (where he did not become a millionaire).  

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