0.1 Special Free Course: Innovative Entrepreneurship 101






(Live Webinar Recorded June 10, 2023) Silicon Valley is the most innovative and economically productive region in the history of the world. This success is not a fluke, but a replicable machine. We have pioneered systematic tools to unleash creativity and enable the rapid creation of wealth. The tools of innovative entrepreneurship can be taught and applied across all business sectors and geographies. Indeed, the only way to stimulate rapid economic growth, break poverty, solve seemingly intractable problems, and create opportunities for all is to teach these tools to everyone. Innovative entrepreneurship, far from being a tool of inequality, is the most potent tool of substantive political and economic equality and opportunity available to us. A small handful of investors consistently find and nurture most of the “unicorns.” We have developed a “how to” blueprint of simple, direct, and powerful tools which can apply to businesses in all sectors, even though they are not generally taught or well known. This program gives an overview of those core principles of innovative entrepreneurship.

2 hours 5 minutes total.