Online DSV Certificate in Venture Capital Investing





This six week “online live” program will meeting virtually. Each session will last 3 1/2 hours. Participants who complete the sequence will receive a certificate in Venture Capital Investing. All registrants will also receive a three year Gold Membership in Demystifying Silicon Valley and full site access. The course schedule is as follows*:


Week 1 

  1. Lean Startup
  2. Design Thinking, Agile, Growth Hacking, and Data Analytics

Week 2 

  1. Innovative Business Models
  2. Protecting Innovation: IP Strategy for VCs and Investors

Week 3 

  1. Company Issues for Investors: Stock, Founders, Boards, and Governance
  2. Venture Financing I: Fundamental Principles, Angels and Key Terms

Week 4

  1. Evaluating and Managing Deal Flow
  2. Venture Financing II: Diligence, Cap Tables, Unusual Deals, and Down Rounds

Week 5 

  1. Forming, Raising, and Operating Venture Funds
  2. Legal Survival for Investors and Companies

Week 6

  1. Maximizing Exits: Guerilla M&A and IPOs
  2. Distress: Surviving and Thriving in Bad Deals

We will also have additional programs at other times to meet with practicing VCs, professionals who serve VCs, and other experts. All programs will be recorded and available to participants.

This certificate series is targeted to those interested in learning best practices of angel and venture capital investing. No finance background is necessary.

If you feel you cannot afford to join, or are a student, a teacher, or 24 years old or under, read my page on reduced pricing.

* Curriculum and schedule subject to change