Helping Each Other in Crisis

We live in a world where selfishness often reigns, so it is worth reflecting one critical factor that makes entrepreneurship work: the everyday willingness of entrepreneurs to perform extraordinary feats to help each other in crisis.

On Friday night, the website of the business of two of our Members was maliciously attacked and brought down. Another site Member, being a top global “white hat” security expert and forensic analyst, immediately responded to help. Together, they spent hours, well into the night, methodically analyzing and recreating the site. Yet another site Member helped migrate the site to a new host with state of the art security. Together, all put together a plan to fix the issues on the site to make it better than before (as well as to gather the information necessary to report the perpetrator to criminal authorities).

I have been told of many similar interactions among Members on the site, from helping provide advice and expertise, to moral support and introductions. Entrepreneurship works when dense networks of people coalesce with the common aim of seeing the creation of something bigger than themselves. What is in it for you to help someone else? The creation of a better world for us all.

I said that I wanted to create a site where every Member rooted for the success of the other Members and where mentorship and mutual aid would be the norm. I could not be more proud of this community and want to thank all of you who have engaged with each other. If you find yourself in need of help, remember you are not alone.

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