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I am an undergraduate computer science student and was inspired by the recent webinar with Tim Connors when he said we should give some of our time to solve social problems. What is the project he mentioned? Are there any resources I can read to learn more about how I can help? Can you have more programs on this topic in the future?

Great questions! I will definitely add more programs in the future, as many other Members have made the same request. Tim mentioned Pledge 1%, which asks the entrepreneurial community to donate 1% of equity, time, products, and profit to make the world better. Although there are dozens of high quality projects to help channel the creative endeavors of entrepreneurs to improving the world, here are just three of my favorite organizations that might inspire you. is the nonprofit arm of IDEO, which focuses on “creating a more just and inclusive world.” Their signature projects cover everything from literacy and services in refugee camps to regional health initiatives to teaching innovation to girls in emerging countries.

Ashoka. Ashoka describes itself as a platform that “supports the world’s leading social entrepreneurs, learns from the patterns in their innovations, and mobilizes a global community that embraces these new frameworks to build an ‘everyone a changemaker world.’” It has identified and supported thousands of Ashoka Fellows in over 92 countries all over the world.

Endeavor. Endeavor, co-founded by Peter Kellner, co-Managing Partner in my venture fund, identifies and supports high impact entrepreneurs globally. Endeavor Entrepreneurs have created over 3 million jobs and in 2018 alone over $20 billion in revenue in 37 markets globally. Because of my own history teaching and mentoring Endeavor Entrepreneurs, many of our site Members are from the Endeavor network globally.

The goal in identifying these organizations is to inspire you, but you need not go far for inspiration. Many Members on the site focus on incredible nonprofit and social applications of entrepreneurship. We have Members who are trying to address everything from the healthcare of women in Central America to racism in the United States to housing in Madagascar to making today’s girls the future founders of the world’s most valuable startups. I hope more Members will share details of their projects in the Forums, as well as ways to help!

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